Lhasa Apso Club of Scotland, Breed Club Open Show. 2013


 Judge: Mark Nutley

Firstly may I thank the Committee and Members of the Lhasa Apso Club of Scotland for inviting me to Judge their show on the 19th of May 2013, It was a privilege to be asked and a pleasure to Judge at the show. Thank you to all committee members and exhibitors for making the day a really enjoyable experience for me.

I had an entry of 51 dogs making 66 entries in total. My sincere thanks to all those who gave me an entry, it really was very much appreciated.


  1. Waterhouse’s CHTAURA WHEN SMOKEY SINGS. 9 month old grey brindle dog. Lovely compact dog with typical expression and head. Nicely balanced with nothing overly exaggerated. Moved with confidence and purpose keeping his shape and top line. BP

  2. Kinnon’s POLIELIN PICKAPOCKET FOR CHERKHAN,  9 MONTH OLD GOLD AND WHITE DOG, Nice shape but not the balance on 1, good mouth and strong well arched neck, correct tail set and good rear angulation.



Junior Dog:

  1. 1.       Seward and Poole’s ELLEONIA RICK O’SHAY TU DOMENSA, What I can I write that hasn’t already been written so for in this young dogs show career. A worthy winner of his class and ultimately went Best In Show.  This fabulous grey and white dog was lovely to go over, a real pleasure to watch him go round the ring with style and ease.  My notes said “Fantastic”…………..no more to be said.






Special Yearling Dog:

1.       Watsons’ LYNRUCE THE ACCOMPLACE, 23 month old cream dog, nice head, good mouth with correct dentition, lovely balance, straight front and fantastic pigment. Went well on the move, beautifully presented.

2.       McKinnon’s, TERENDAK CODE RED VIA CHERKHAN, Gold dog slightly smaller than 1 and a little unsettled on the move, nicely presented in good coat.


Novice Dog:

1.       Waterhouse’s CHTAURA WHEN SMOKEY SINGS

2.       Glasgow’s GALLUS ROYAL FLUSH. A new dog to the show ring – nice to go over. Slightly unsettled on the move.  More experience I’m sure will see him develop.




Post Graduate Dog:

1.       Watsons’ LYNRUCE BLACK TIE’N TAILS, Lovely young black coated dog. I loved this dog, very masculine very well balanced with fantastic shape. I was impressed with his head and his very typical Tibetan expression, good strong and wide jaw, a beautiful  dark eye.  Moved with style and purpose. Res Best dog.

2.       Jones’s Lovely gold dog nicely in proportion and beautifully presented.


Limit Dog:

1.       Scarll and Sykes TIMAZINTI DANIO.  Again a lovely balance dog with good reach of neck and lovely tail set. I have judged this dog before and he really has matured into a very stylish Apso.

2.       McCosh and Logan’s  LUEKIKI DIEMOS TO SPYANKI, Another quality dog coming into his own now with a lovely shape. Not the balance of 1 but still a quality dog of his type.



Open Dog:

1.       Waterhouse’s CHTAURA WELL DID YOU EVER, Grey Brindle dog, nicely matured dog, lovely lay of shoulder, and correct front, beautiful head. Moved with easy and style.

2.       Hughes TIMAZINTI MOTELO WITH MITCHELLA.  Gold dog with a very jaunty movement, Very nice to go over, beautifully presented just lost out to one on a couple of minor points.


Minor Puppy Bitch:

1.       J Caswell’s FERRENMILLS BLACK VELVET, Charming little black puppy who initially was a little reluctant to get started but once she decided it was ok moved beautifully. Stood alone in her class. Very nice to go over and a very nice shape.


Puppy bitch:

1.       P Hughes’ CHTAURA CROSS MY HEART FOR MITCHELLA, Very pretty grey brindle bitch puppy. I loved her shape and balance. Little unsettled when being stacked but moved with confidence and easy keeping her shape and top line. BPB.

2.       R & L Kemp, CHANCEINNS POSH SPICE AT ZAYLON,  Very nicely constructed little bitch, pushed hard for 1st but the other puppy just had the edge for me.


Junior Bitch:

1.       G Blake’s CHEOLVIEW CHANTILLY LACE. Very pretty feminine cream and white bitch. I really liked her and she moved beautifully, not in full bloom just yet and needs a bit more time to mature but very sound and nice to go over.

2.       J Barr, EVER SO PRETTY DAZZLING GIRL, Gold bitch, this little girl lost out in previous class but deserved her place in this class. Slightly difference balance to 1. Lovely head and tail set.



 Special Yearling  Bitch:


2.       J Seal, LHASENNA BUMBO DAGSI, Unfortunately this black bitch in good coat lost her shape a little on the move.


Novice Bitch:




Post Graduate Bitch:

1.       J McKinnon’s DIAMOND BLACK MAGIC AMONG CHERKHAN,  This small but well-proportioned black and white bitch took my eye as soon as she entered the ring. I just loved her shape and balance, wasn’t disappointed when I went over her on the table, lovely mouth and  beautiful dark eye of correct shape. Nice rear angulation and well ribbed up. Moved Beautifully. BB and RBIS.

2.       Watson’s  LYNRUCE I’M A CELEBRITY JW.  Cream bitch nicely constructed and a lovely head.  A little unsettled on the moved but did enough to get her place.


Limit Bitch:

1.       A Waterhouse’s, SHINGSA TOTAL ECLIPS WITH CHTAURA,  I did really like this little black bitch, I loved her shape and her balance, I adored her head. I was really torn in the challenge and considered her very seriously for BB.

2.       Scarll & Sykes TIMAZINTI LIBERTY,  Gold bitch, different  balance to 1. Very flashy mover.


Open Bitch:

1.       A Waterhouse’s CHTAURA EVERYONE IN LOVE, Nicely shaped bitch, in good coat, beautifully presented. Very sound to go over, nothing exaggerated at all about her just a very nice honest Apso

2.       Surtee’s, KATAY MYSTIQUE, slightly larger bitch to 1 but none the less a very nice shape.


Veteran Bitch:

1.       Watson’s Ch CHEOLVIEW I’M SPECIAL FOR LYNRUCE. Very very sweet 9 yr old black and white bitch, in beautiful condition and every tooth still beautifully in place. What a sweetheart BV

2.       Surtees’s ROSSGILDE THYME TO DREAM AT KATAY. Gold bitch I preferred the balance on 1 to this 8 yr old gold bitch. Moved well and very nice to go over.