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If you would like to groom your lhasa yourself, then it is worth investing in a good clipper.
I would recommend going for a clipper designed to be used by a professional groomer, rather than a pet clipper, which is probably half the price, but also less powerful and less reliable.
You will basically need a 5F blade to do a short body clip on a lhasa. Blades with an F after the number are designed to be used on clean coats only.
A 10 blade to clip out the groin area and around the anus is also needed & some clippers will come with a 10 or 15 blade included.
Alternatively if you want to vary the length you clip your dog, then if you buy a 30 blade and the set of Wahl blade combs - these attach to the clipper blade and when used on a freshly bathed coat will leave the coat anywhere between 1/8 inch - 1 inch in length.
depending on which comb you use,
I find these useful to use on the dogs legs particularly as they are very effective at neatly taking out the bulk of the leg hair, which you can then tidy up with scissors, you can also safely run these down the foot following the lay of the coat
and then just trim round the foot with scissors, a great time saver.
When using a clipper always make sure to keep the blade flat to the dog's skin, pointing inwards will take out too much coat and leave wedges in the finish.
If you have a slightly knotty and dirty dog, you can do a quick rough clip with a No5 blade, also called a skiptooth. You will need to guide the ends of the blade under the knot and carfully stretch the skin to get the blade starting to move through the coat, don't expect it to get straight through a matted patch you'll have to help it and possibly cut through the worst knots with scissors
As long as the dog is not in too much of a mess this blade will get through the dogs coat fairly easily, you can then bath and dry the dog,
and finish the body clip with your 5F blade.
Please have a look at some of the pictures and movies for further styling help.
If you have any grooming questions please email me and I'll add your question and the answer to this page
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Clipper such as Andis Single or Twin Speed - 110 to 120, Oster A5 Single or Twin Speed - around 100
Clipper Blades - No's 10, 5, 5F, 30
Wahl Stainless Steel Blade Comb Set - for use with the 30 Blade - around 13.00 - available from Technogroom on the Contact Page
For a terribly knotty apso beyond redemption, then use a 7 blade fully body