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Beryl Prince - Brackenbury

Following kennel training and work as a veterinary nurse Beryl Harding, as she was then, opened a boarding kennel and acquired a notable clientele which included members of royalty.  She joined the Tibetan Breeds Association in 1951 and was elected onto its committee the following year. When the Lhasa Apso fraternity broke away from the TBA and formed their own club in 1956 Beryl was still greatly involved. Her Brackenbury Lhotse, a bitch of which she was especially fond, won the coveted Bailey Trophy for the Best Bitch that same year. 

She spent some years in North Wales and then worked with Miss Marjorie Wild, exhibited her Apsos, and made up several Cotsvale champions. One of these was her own Ch Cotsvale Anna, with whom she travelled everywhere. Eventually moving back to Buxted, in 1997 she married her life-long friend, Lieut Col Tom Prince. How sad it was that they were to spend so few years sharing their lovely home, for Beryl died just 8 years later.

Over the years Beryl Prince, a Vice-President of the LAC, made up several Apso champions (as well as a couple of Irish Wolfhounds) under the Brackenbury prefix. She was also, of course, the breeder of the now famous Ch Brackenbury Gunga Din of Verles, the first of the breed to gain the title of Champion when
CCs were re-allocated for Apsos in 1965.

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Judge: Mr Ken Warrington

First from left to right

Peekajay High Finance JW

Sealaw Meets The Press For Bedingfield

Competing are dogs and bitches who have won veteran classes at
Lhasa Apso club shows during the qualifying year.


Daphne Hesketh-Williams - 'Verles'

Daphne Hesketh-Williams fell in love with Apsos when she met Beryl Harding's Brackenbury Min-Nee at a training class in the

late 1950s. Daphne had gone to the training class with one of her Staffies and the two dogs made firm friends. In 1959 she

bought one of Min-Nee's sons, Brackenbury Gunga Din. Little did Daphne know that he was to become the breed's first Champion

of modern times, gaining his first CC at Crufts in 1965, an event which held treasured memories for Daphne for many along year to


Daphne campaigned her dogs actively in the 1960s and 70s and made up several champions carrying the name ofVerles.  The last of

 these was Ch Belazieth Ja of Verles who gained her title in 1975 and was linebred to Ch Verles Tom Tru, a grandson of

Ch Brackenbury Gunga Din of Verles.

Hon Secretary of the Lhasa Apso Club for twenty-one years, it was Daphne's job in those formative

years to carry out a Club rule involving a home visit to see if prospective members were suitable to own Apsos! In recent years she was

 to become a Vice-President of the LAC, later becoming President of the newly formed S.E.L.A.S. Daphne also worked tirelessly as a

breed note correspondent for 'Dog World' until 1989, the year of her death.

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Judge: Miss Gill Holland

First from left to right

Timazinti Molly

Jalus Galileo




Competing are dogs and bitches who won puppy classes at

Lhasa Apso club shows during the qualifying year.

Thelma Morgan

Thelma Morgan's influence on the breed is not always easy to see clearly for although she used the name Ffrith on many

 of her dogs it was in no way incorporated in the names of them all.Originally involved with Griffons, Maltese

and Shih Tzu, she became involved with Apsos because she was writing a thesis on long coats in canines.

Over the years, by careful selection, she developed a distinctive grey and white line which is still evident

behind many of today's successful exhibits.  Thelma's first Apso Champion gained his title in 1965, the first

year in which CCs were again on offer. This was Ch Namista Yarsi, bred by the Lords but sired by Ch Pontac Adham Tarhib

who was bred by Thelma and gained his title the year after his son.

Although she rarely exhibited in later years, Thelma was frequently to be found sitting intently at the ringside watching the

progress of the breed of which she was so fond. She was also much involved with the President of the MLAA. In addition

Thelma was thankfully a prolific writer. Not only did she write breed notes in 'Our Dogs' for many years but also

 penned many informative articles which have been included in club newsletters, so we all have something by which to remember her.

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Judge: Mr Ken Warrington

First from left to right

Sinyul Brief Encounter

Ch Rossgilde Tamegan's Dream JW sh CM


Competing are dogs and bitches best of sex at all Lhasa Apso club shows

during the qualifying year.





 We all gathered at seven for the evening meal which was served at seven thirty.  It was excellent with plenty to go around.  After we had all dined Jeff entertained us with a marvellous Disco.