Champion Timazinti's Hope and Dreams







For the last 34 years I have had Apso’s around me. When I was 10 I had a grey and white girl called Sally who I used to take in to child handling, so I was round the ring from that age until my teens - when going out and boys were more important!!! When I married I took Sally with me as dogs do, she died and as we say I was never having another one.

Time went by and mum had a dog and a bitch back from a mating and she asked if I would like to take the bitch home for a while. That was Tilly, (Timazinti Mantilla) and that was fatal as of course she stayed. I started to show her and instantly got hooked back into showing, there were a lot of old faces which I remembered and who remembered me as well as  a lot of new. After a while I decided to mate Tilly and after watching from the ringside I liked Kutani Rouge Trader. Thank you to Wendy for allowing me to use him.

Nine weeks later a healthy litter of 6 were born. When they were about 10 days old mum went away for the weekend leaving me to look after the dogs and the puppies. I went as usual for their 12 o clock lunchtime check and walked into the room to a horrible snorting noise and the parti-colour bitch going round in circles. I rang the vets straight away who said to go at 4pm, I put the phone down and watched for 10 minutes but I knew she wouldn’t last that long so I rang another vet who said bring her straight away. They told me she had fluid on her lungs and pneumonia and didn’t think she would last the next 24 hours, they gave her an injection of antibiotics and sent me home ( of course I was in floods of tears).

Mum came home later that day and told me to ring Glen Dolphin she has lots of experience and may be able to give me some advice, well she did and the puppy got better and stronger every day. We named her Hope thinking the name was fitting as we hoped she would pull through, which she did.

As you can imagine she was spoilt from a very early age and I had a special bond with her, and as  luck would have it she turned out to be the pick of litter. Her first outing to take in the show atmosphere went well and she seemed to like it. At 6 months I started showing her, but after a couple of shows it all went a bit "awol”.  Hope decided she wasn’t into the whole showing thing and dropped her tail every time she walked. Sometimes she was ok but other times she just dropped her tail, I never knew what she would do. She qualified for Crufts and in March 2009 she won Best Puppy in Breed at Crufts I was over the moon and so proud of her she didn’t put a foot wrong that day.

After that I would love to say things improved but they didn’t she was still very nervous in the ring. If there was one thing I did know about Hope it was that she was very food orientated, so I started to reward her in the ring with treats. This seemed to work and at Windsor Champ Show in July 2009 Jackie Waghorn gave Hope her 1st RCC out of Junior, I went home that day on cloud nine.

Well things have improved a lot now she enjoys showing and all the attention, she gets a pat on the back and I say some special words to her and off she goes. Both she and I have grown more confident in the ring, It has taken a lot of hard work and determination to get her going.  Advice from different people in the breed, whom I am very grateful to has all paid off,  as I now own my first beautiful Champion who I love to bits and I’m so proud off.

I would just like to finish with a very special thank-you to my Mum  without her none of this would have been possible, she guides me and supports me and has now made me joint owner with her of the Timazinti Affix.

Susan Sykes