I usually groom my apsos before they're bathed, but I do know some who prefer not to, I would usually only put them straight in the bath if they were very dirty, as grooming beforehand would then remove too much coat.
I shampoo & rinse twice, (the 2nd time very thoroughly) and follow with conditioner before giving a final good rinse.
When bathing lather the body first and the head last, then rinse the head first so the soap is near the eyes for as little time as possible. Try not to tangle the coat together as you lather, instead, smoothing it down the hair shaft.
Squeeze the coat out so its not dripping and then towel dry going with the lay of the hair, so as not to encourage it to knot.
Groom as you blow dry using a pin brush, stopping regularly (if you're using a hand held dryer) to groom through the area you've dried.
I find it helpful to use sectioning clips to dry the coat in layers, starting with the hind end and working forward, I then lay my dogs down while I blow dry their legs and tummies, then stand them back up to dry the front and head and lastly the bottom & tail, that way they are left with absolutely no knots.
If you need to bathe in a hurry, using a human two in one shampoo once in a while won't hurt. Organics is quite good but I wouldn't use it when bathing a dog for show.

Ann Marie Cassidy