Thrybergh Exemption Show, Caravan Rally and Fun Day

8th of July 2000

The lake from the picnic area

   Picture a country park with a large lake, a superb caravan site in a woodland setting, and the backdrop of rolling farmland. This was the scene for the fund raising exemption show, fun day and caravan rally at Thrybergh Country Park.
   The show attracted an entry of 87 dogs and was well supported by Apso owners and the public at large, and people came from all over (Consett, Hull and London, to name a few). Attractions included a barbecue, a well stocked raffle with some great prizes, trade stalls, second hand stall, and a 50:50 raffle.
   Despite a torrential downpour just as the show started, nobody went home and fortunately the weather was good for the rest of the time. All agreed the day was a great success and we raised a total of 165 for the MLAA Rescue fund.

The Show Site area

The caravan park

   The rally attracted ten caravans (not bad for an exemption show), and everybody enjoyed the on-site and local facilities including fly fishing, bird spotting, children's playground and the walk around the lake. The evening saw a social get together in a large room overlooking the lake.

   The weekend was not without it's humorous moments.

To provide some shelter, John Hazelhurst hastily erected a 3m square gazebo only to find he had left the roof in his garage, but this didn't stop 100 people standing under it!

There was general approval when Terry awarded one of the novelty prizes to three rubber ducks.

One of the MLAA committee members needed a removal van to take all her raffle prizes home (I won't mention that Anne spent a fortune).

Terry (it had to be Terry) won a toy pussy that had been caught in the rain and was rather wet. This amused him no end and I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

And Julie's caravan (the haunted one) locked the whole family out at two in the morning and she had to be pinned down to stop her driving home.

   Thanks to everyone who came and supported the show and donated raffle prizes, and special thanks to our judges Anne Pickburn and Terry Poole; to Sheila Poole for excellent catering, and to Robert Seward and Charlie Coe who put everything up, manned the barbecues, and then took it all down again.

Plenty of wildlife!

The children's play area

   Thanks also to Colleen Ford who stewarded; Stuart Keay who kept a "sober" eye an everything (specially at night); and to Pamela Ogden and Julie Seward who manned the stalls and took the entries.
   Last but by no means least, thanks to Rotherham Borough Council who let us have the use of the whole site for free, with a special group rate for the caravans, and the Rangers and staff of Thrybergh Country Park who were only too willing to help.

   We will have an event at this venue in 2001, watch the web or ring me for dates, hope to see you there.

   Thrybergh Country Park is situated in South Yorkshire on the A630 between Thrybergh and Hooton Roberts.  (Approx. 6 miles from the A1 on the A630)

Unfortunately there were no pictures taken on the day.  The ones used above were taken earlier in the year and do give an overall impression of the venue.

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