A view of the conference room at The Royal Regency Banqueting Suites

Gerald Mitchell one of the Symposium Directors.  Gerald gave a talk on the breed standard, looking at different sketches of correct and incorrect poster and bite.  He also pointed out the amount of talented and experienced  judges who were present both in group and best in show. In order to make best use of their talents he gave each group a badge to wear, and encouraged people to ask them questions  

Irene Chamberlain opens the Symposium.  The picture on the screen is Jeff Corish  with Crufts Champion Hackensack

Mrs Glenys Dolphin gave a wonderful speech on the origins and history of the breed. 

 Here she shows the different colours,  yet they are still the same size and balance.  Glenys explained how different colours  (black, grey, black & white)  take longer to grow than the gold, and how coats can have different textures.  Glenys points out that there are only a very few black Lhasa dogs.  The point was made that the Lhasa is not mature until it reaches five or six and this should be taken into account when judging.  By six years old, the Lhasa should have a thick coarse dense straight coat though a slight wave is allowed.  All the Lhasa's here are bitches.


Jacky Bax and Jan Bromley show two  Lhasa's, one black and one white yet they are still of the same size and balance. Glenys compares these two dogs pointing out that their coats will take longer to  grow then the grey and white. 

 The grey puppies are born with a brindle coat which will turn grey as the bitch matures.  Glenys tells us how puppies can change colours, giving her own experience with a puppy she had which was gold and white and  very proud of,  which by the time it was three had changed to grey and white.  She only realised this when she asked her mother who owned the lovely grey and white dog she was holding only to be told it was hers! 

 Gray and white born will change to black and white.


On a more light hearted moment our club ladies, Joan, Pat, and Hazel.  What are they up to?

Counting sweets !

Glenys showed how to go over a dog and the finer points of judging.  We all got a chance to go over  the Champion bitches present.  Question time was orated by Gerald.


The symposium was closed with a mountain of Champions presented by Ken Marsh.