The Ranby Seminar


Congratulations must go to all those involved with the organisation and running of the November teach-in at Ranby Village Hall.

In the morning Kennel Club accredited trainer Chris Chapman presented Conformation and Movement with a blend of well informed expertise and humour.  Chris is an excellent presenter and I could watch her over and over again, and I recommend that everybody see this at least once.

Lunch (and many tea breaks) were very good thanks to Julie H and David in the kitchen.

The afternoon gave us a unique opportunity.  Out went the formal speeches and presentations, and in came five champions and four CC judges, and we enjoyed a whole afternoon of hands-on judging experience.  We all had the opportunity to go over each dog, write simple critiques, and then individually review our findings and receive feedback from one or more of the CC judges.

All agreed this was an excellent day, with great feedback.

Thanks go to CC Judges Terry Poole, Sheila Wilkes, Jackie Chalmers, and Joan Scarll, and handlers Anne Waterhouse and Chris Lawson.  Organised and run by Pam and Ian Ogden, Julie Seward, David Chalmers, Terry Poole and Joan Scarll, and last but definitely not least, Julie Hazelhurst who had the strength and determination to make it all happen.