"Once Upon A Time ........"

"Once Upon A Time ........", a long time ago now, Clare and I had decided we wanted a new puppy.   With all the formalities duly performed, the day arrived to fetch it.

    Off we set one winter's day in January 1982, Clare, Madeline and I were making our way North to Leeds on the M6.

    We decided to go in our car - a brand new bright red Datsun Cherry.  Very proud of it we were at the time!

    We set off around mid-day, full of expectations and excitement at this stage.  What were we expecting?........ a new puppy, full of surprises.  But not as surprised as us to see steam coming from under our red bonnet and a nice red light flashing on the dashboard.

    So, over we pulled onto the hard shoulder.  Mad examined the damage.  Conclusion, someone had forgotten to replace the radiator cap when filling the radiator. ( I must have forgotten in the excitement).

    "Easy!" she said , "top it up with water". 

    Ah! well got no water either.

What do we do now?

    Someone, who shall remain nameless, suggested an alternative to water.  We now required a container and a search proved fruitful.  Now we needed a volunteer to fill it.   Yes you've guessed it ........me!

    Surprise Surprise, no one else needed to go to the loo.  Up the embankment  I trooped and climbed the fence.  Thank god the field was empty.

    The container duly filled, I returned to the car.  Into the radiator it went, a real treat.  So off we set to the nearest garage to top up the radiator completely ( I hadn't been able to fill it completely).

    We felt confident now we could complete our journey to fetch our new puppy.

    Our destination was Saxonsprings Kennels and that puppy was Saxonsprings Lightfoot.

It was a journey the three of us have never forgotten and often laugh about.  The trip was well worth it.


Gill  Holland