Lhasa Apso Meets Shih Tzu-

On November 7th, 2004 the MLAA, in conjunction with the shih Tzu Club, hosted a seminar entitled 'There's' more difference than a Top Knot'.  It was hoped to make this an interactive, hands-on experience, and I think that the relaxed and comfortable surroundings of the Atrium room of the Chase Golf Club certainly helped to put everyone at their ease.

    There was a good audience, combining both devotees of the two breeds with aspiring non-specialist judges.  The two invited speakers were Gill Holland (Vaderlands Lhasa Apsos) and Susan Crossley (Santosha Shih Tzu), while I acted as compere.

    It had been decided to discuss both breed Standards and breed points jointly - ie skulls on both breeds and then discuss with the audience any queries or explain any misconceptions that might exist.  Both ladies had brought live models with them and these were not only examples of patience but showed very clearly the differences between the two breeds, being two excellent specimens.

    The discussions proved lively and informative, and everyone seemed to be fully involved.

    Finally, after the movement for both breeds had been demonstrated, two 6 month old puppies, one Shih Tzu and one Lhasa Apso, were shown side-by-side- this really brought home to all assembled the differences required by the breed Standards.

    After a buffet lunch there was a chance for the audience to examine and discuss with the handlers/owners 5 Lhasa Apsos and 5 Shih Tzus.  Many of those participating were delighted and honoured to be able to learn on such high quality exhibits for there were Champions, CC winners and young winning dogs of both breeds present, and I would like to personally thank all those who had the courage and kindness to bring their dogs, for without your  help it would be impossible to give these opportunites to learn.

    When everyone had asked all their questions, and while we were all enjoying a final cup of tea and piece of cake, David Crossley, chairman of the Shih Tzu Club, conducted a quick, fun quiz on the two breed Standards, and this ended the day on a light-hearted note

    I would like to thank all the committee members of the MLAA and the Shih Tzu Club, who helped to make the day a success.

Glenys Dolphin