Having had Lhasas for over fifty years I have seen a lot of changes in the breed.  From stocky true Tibetan Lhasa type, to the glamour of todayís dogs.  Do you think they would survive in the mountains of Tibet?


We did not have to have coats down to the ground and they had plenty of undercoat, I called them my shaggy little monsters.


To really understand the true Lhasa you need to read the book Lhasa Apso of Tibet 1897 till nowadays which was sent to me by the Author, Yolande De Zarobe, from France.

It is an amazing book and it made me feel guilty of letting the breed down, by not keeping to the true Lhasa type.  We owe a lot to the old breeders like Miss Wild, ( My first true Lhasa) Lady Freda,  The Hon Mrs Bailey, Thelma Morgan, Daphne Hesketh Williams, my dear friend Frankie Sefton, Beryl Harding, Cal Prince and many others, who I had the pleasure of meeting.  Well I was young at the time, goodness when I think of how many years ago that was.

lady Freda Valentine February 14th 1934 Her companion is Chang - Tru 

Lady Freda cutting the celebration cake at the Lhasa Apso Club's Thirtieth Anniversary Show on September 26th, 1987.


I have enjoyed my years of judging all over the country and lovely Sweden and Norway, not forgetting judging at Crufts and to see the Lhasa go Best In Show.


Also to have the honour of being President of the LAC, which for me is the icing on the cake.

What thrilled me this weekend was to see the lineup of puppies, looking a good size and type.  The judge must have had a job to pick out.  I just love to have the hand on feeling of this breed and have been persuaded to do a show again.

Wow I canít wait.!


Many thanks to all the dedicated breeders of today.


Irene T Plumstead.