Glenys Dolphin Reflects...

THE YEAR 2002 sees the MLAA holding its 18th championship show, it being over 20 years since the club was recognised by the KC.

The club was started in the late 70s by a group of Midland and Northern Lhasa Apso enthusiasts which included, among others, my late mother Thelma Morgan, myself, Jean Blyth, Ann Shelley, Ken Warrington, Ann Matthews and Peg Allen.

We met about three times a year and held seminars involving all the Tibetan breeds and Shih Tzus. The matches and grooming competitions proved to be very popular and successful. Many new faces attended these and have continued to be fully involved in the breed.

I can remember your secretary Joan Scarll and her husband John, together with their two daughters, attending their first meeting; Juliette Cunliffe and Carol Johnson arriving with their first Lhasa; Madeleine Lewis with her first Apso, the lovely 'Cherry', and Gill and Clare with their boy, 'Hamish'- the list could go on and on.

These meetings had become such special events that it was realised by all that there really was a need for a second breed club, thus the MLAA was born.

From the start the aims of the Club were apparent. Education was a prime concern. There were very few books about the breed and its history so the teach-ins were important, as was the welfare of the breed, so it was decided to start a rescue fund.

Democracy - it was felt that the membership had a right to select the judges for Club events and of course we wanted our meetings and shows to be friendly and our membership to have a good time at all Club activities.

Sadly, over the years, we have lost many of our founding figureheads but I believe that the aims and objectives of the Association remain the same and that in the years to come we will continue to help you and our breed.

I have always been very proud to be involved in this club and for the last few years as your chairperson. I have been delighted to see it remain a popular and friendly association with a sound financial basis. This is not only due to a good start but also to the hard work and dedication shown by all the committee and officers, both past and present, but also to the enthusiasm and interest shown by you, our members.

Long may it continue!