bred by Glynis Arnold – shown and owned by Sally Pointon







started back in 2009, at City of Birmingham championship show where I met her breeder Glynis Arnold for the first time. Glynis had come to the show to look for a stud dog for her Jejuna-bred bitch (by Ch Timazinti Motoro ex Ch Jejuna Silver Sixpence), who would hopefully produce her first Raushanara litter. She had already met Anne-Marie Cassidy – at a NOELAC show – and so Anne-Marie introduced us. At the time I was preparing to go in the ring with my lovely Benita (Exephials Over The Rainbow to Ballito), bred by Anne-Marie; and, being ‘in the (dog-showing) zone’ as usual, I casually asked her to give me her contact details and send me a pedigree, and I would have a look to see what I could come up with. Anne-Marie was showing Benita’s brother, Brodie (Exephials Smoking Gun), at the time, and they both appealed to Glynis. Having spent some time in India, Glynis knew the type (and preferably colour – grey) of Apso she was trying to breed. Anne-Marie suggested using Simon (Ch/Aust Ch Amesen Come Fly With Me to Ballito) – Benita and Brodie’s sire - and after some discussion and exchange of photos during the ensuing weeks Glynis asked if she could use Simon.

Having travelled the long journey from Stourport-on-Severn to our home in South Lincolnshire (via one of Glynis’ sat nav’s ‘short’ – ie cross country – routes!) Glynis and her friend Angie arrived with ‘Pemba’, who settled in very well and was duly mated. Pemba was due to have her puppies around the time of the BUBA show and, with it being not too far from Stafford to Stourport, Glynis ‘jokingly’ said wouldn’t it be great if Pemba had her puppies that weekend as I could come across and help deliver them. Lady Luck must have been looking down on us as that is exactly what happened! We delivered three girls (a gold, a ‘ginger’, and a grey) and a brindle boy during the early hours of December 6, 2009. (Of course, none of this would have been possible if my lovely husband, Ray, wasn’t prepared to ‘hold the fort’ and look after the dogs at home - even at such short notice).

Glynis had her heart set on the little grey bitch right from the start, but when Anne-Marie and I went to look at the puppies at around 8 weeks old we both preferred the gold one for her. Glynis had already decided that the ‘ginger’ girl was not for her, despite my comment that she could be ‘the dark horse’ as she was so well balanced and moved so soundly and effortlessly, even at that young age.

At that time Beth Jones was interested in a Simon daughter – and so I told her about the ‘ginger’ girl; a few weeks later (during one of our snowy spells) Beth met up with Glynis and Anne-Marie after a club show (I didn’t make it due to the bad weather) to have a look at ‘Miss Ginger’. The puppies had been a bit sick in the car, so were not apparently looking their best; however, despite her reservations, Beth decided to take Emily home. Within a couple of days Beth was besotted with her, and could not wait to get out and about with her. Emily and sister ‘Lola’ were both entered at WELKS for their first championship show – I handled Lola for Glynis and Beth her Emily. Lola decided to play up (big time!) – but sister Emily showed her socks off, and she ended up with a BPIB win at her very first championship show! Emily continued to win well, both as a puppy and a junior – and then she wasn’t shown for about a year. When it became clear that Beth would not continue showing, she kindly offered Emily to me, as we both had great faith in her – and she came to live with us in May 2012. It took a while for her to settle down with us – but fortunately I had a couple of months to bond with her as (due to entries closing dates) her first championship show was going to be Leeds in July. In the interim she was entered at the LAC open show (where she won her class) and then at a local open show (where she won BOB and G1). At Leeds she showed her socks off, winning a 12-strong PGB class – and promptly came into season on the way home! Emily ended the 2012 show season (which for her only started in July) with seven class wins and two RBCCs! Emily won her first RCC at Richmond under Renee Sporre Willes (from PGB); her second at South Wales under Joan Scarll (LB).

Emily started her 2013 show season with a bang when she won LB, BB and RBIS at the LAC open show in January; she followed this up with another LB win at the MLAA open show. Next it was Crufts. Not knowing how long Emily ‘cycled’ with her seasons, I realised a few weeks before Crufts that she appeared to be pre-seasonal – and low and behold she came into season the day after Crufts, which explained why (in addition to all the noise ‘pollution’ that we all have to endure at this iconic show) she ‘spooked’ during her triangle.

By the time WELKS came around Emily was back to her old self, and showed her socks off again to win 2nd in a very hotly contested LB class; and by Birmingham National she had gone one better, winning another very strong LB class of 12 lovely bitches. Despite not liking the overhead fans (which seemed to come on every time it was our ‘turn’), Emily put in another great performance and we came away with her first CC under Jack Bispham!

Two weeks later it was Bath, where I had decided to put her up into open – and came away wondering if I had made a mistake as she was unplaced; but at Southern Counties a few days later she bounced back with another lovely 2nd.  Emily won her second CC at Three Counties under Jane Lilley, her third RBCC at Border Union under Jackie Waghorn, and her crowning CC at Windsor under John Scarll!

In all my years of showing dogs (40 years this year) I have never won more than two CCs in one year (not even with my lovely Simon, who won 9 CCs and 8 RCCs in total during his UK show career) – so it has been quite an amazing experience to gain Emily’s title within such a short space of time (in just seven weeks, from just six shows!).

Emily is Simon’s first UK champion offspring (although he was Top Sire in 2009, having produced four different BPIB winners that year – including Emily - and eight in total). Now that she has her crown, Emily will only be lightly shown – until later in the year when I hope to mate her (my first litter for six years!).

The ‘moral’ of Emily’s success story is simple – it has taken a lot of patience, hard work, faith, and a bit of Lady Luck! (PS: As you can see, Emily’s lovely ‘ginger’ coat turned into a beautiful cream with ginger ‘highlights’ – and our lucky colour is pink!)



Sally Pointon (Ballito)