As many of you know,  I have been ill this year so I haven't been around much.  I have been overwhelmed by all your messages of support and encouragement, so friendly and informal, it was a real pleasure to be involved.

    I did go to all three MLAA shows, and they all had such a great atmosphere, so friendly and informal, it was a real pleasure to be involved.

    Probably the hardest part of being the Year Book Editor is writing the Editor's Note, and this year it really is true because if I am entirely honest it's the only thing I've done.  If it wasn't for Pam picking up the reigns with the Year Book and Website,  not much would have happened.

Of course, it also couldn't happen without your support, so a big thank you to all our advertisers and article contributors, and especially to Sally for making sense of everything and pulling it all together.  I am really pleased to see so much colour this year.

    Last year I mentioned caravanning at the show and the social scene.  We managed to get away in August and it was great to see so many of friends.  We also broke the bed, but thast's another story.......

    We were at Bournemouth when (according to the local radio station) the temperature unofficially toped 41 degrees.  Everyone sweltered, and I have never seen so many weird and wonderful contraptions to keep dogs cool-Heath Robinson has nothing on you lot!

Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR-and I wish you every success in 2004.