Ex committee member Cynthia Jones (Jejuna) tied the not with here Ron Saturday 19th November thus becoming Mrs Gardener.  The bride wore a lovely white dress with a bouquet of red roses and a tiara,  she looked absolutely beautiful.  The groom wore a white matching suit and a red rosť, which complemented the brides bouquet.  The wedding was well attended from both sides and was honoured to have been invited.  Also attending from the dog world was Joan Scarll (Timazinti) our secretary, Pat Wright, (Larool) the Northern club secretary.  Hazel Gay (Hazgaye), Beth Davidson-Jones, (Peakajay), Gill McNally and husband (Angadema), and last but not least Doreen Jones.  After a Buffy salad which was delightful we cut the cake but Ron got a bit worried about Cynthia having a knife in her hand (See picture)  Then we all retired till the evening reception.

The evening reception went with a bang with lots of dancing and we were entertained by a singing guitarist as well as an excellent disco.

Pam Ogden (AbsoSengKye)