When we first started showing I decided I would like to go to the Scottish shows.  Being two shows back to back it seemed to me to make sense that it would make A real good show weekend.  Try as I did I could not get into a hotel or bed and breakfast as it was the Edinburgh  Tat Tue.  So Ian suggested we buy a caravan.  Which we did, and a great time was had by all,  the Scottish Show was great fun as was the club show.


    Ian I and the children had many good show days in our caravan.  Our friends Julie and Robert after staying in Stewart's caravan when we were helping to organise a fun day for the club caught the caravan fever.  Stewart told Julie he didn't think he would ever use the caravan again after he had taken the wrong tern at Paignton and ended up in a  stream.  I think Stewart liked his home comforts to much and would rather stay in a hotel.  The deal was done and Julie and Robert bought the caravan and all the gear from Stewart, who did them an excellent deal.  The only thing he didn't mention was that the caravan was haunted.  The caravan was in excellent condition except for a rip where a tree branch had cut into the side when Stewart had his accident.  Julie took the caravan and got a quote for a new panel which would make the caravan like new.


    Its first trip out was to Booth Wales,  we were already there as we had travelled up from Bourmouth but we saved them a place next to us.  The barbeque was got out and after a good meal and a few drinks, we were all in good spirits.  The weather was excellent.  The next day as we were all having breakfast  another caravaner remarked that they could smell gas coming from Julie's caravan.  Ian who at this time was smoking said I'll find the leak and put his cigar up to Roberts caravan.  I thought he was trying to blow it up, but he did find the leak and put it right.  The next day I think there was a match on television that Robert wonted to watch and out came the generator.  Rumble ,  rumble , rumble rumble BANG it blow up the television.  Julie could not believe it .  It was a brand new television.  Ian got out his metre and connected it to the supply Rumble Rumble! rumble rumble! rumble rumble rumble BANG, it blow up his metre, "I think your problem is with the generator," well done Ian that are gremlins in the tank I thought.  So off we all went over the mountains to find a car shop and get a new metre. 

    The next time we took out the caravan was to the back to back MLAA show, again Julie and Robert where parked next to us.  The weather was really cold and everyone's gas froze.  Julie filled her water tank but what she didn't know was that the pipe had become disconnected and it pumped the entire barrel into the caravan.  It was completely flooded wet beds floors, bedding you name it it was wet,  Julie was not a happy bunny! 

     Then we took our caravans to Thribera Country Park,  we were organising a fun day for the rescue.  We all had a great day.  That night the park ranger had allowed the caravaners to use one of the rooms for a get together,  we had a few drinks and a good laugh and to stop Stewart doing wheelies in the car park we called  it a night.  Back at the caravan all is quite except for Julie who was banging hell out of her caravan as it would not let her in.  "That's it shouted Julie I am going  HOME (Julie lived quite near to the Country Park) we all held her back and the door was forced to let her in.  I think she used her caravan once more, then she sold it to a friend in Pomes who new about her advenchers.  Unfortunately for them not only did they get the caravan but also the gremlins.

The first time Sue took out the caravan the breaks locked and she only got to the motorway and had to be toed back, now the caravan sits on her front waiting for another adventure any takers!!!!!!