From the President ...

I am pleased that I have this opportunity to say how delighted and thrilled I was to be elected your President. I feel it is a great honour, especially following Thelma Morgan and Jean Blyth - these two ladies had great knowledge and experience. I cannot compete with that but I hope to serve you all as much as I can.

My first Lhasa was a most generous gift from Anne Matthews, Hardacre Mother's Pride (born on the day of a bread strike). I picked her up from Anne on the 1st January, I979, such a beautiful puppy. Anne in turn introduced me to Jean Blyth and we became firm friends (apart from a misunderstanding over something I said being misinterpreted, but which we soon sorted out). She gave me so much help and advice. When it was nearing the time to have Pride mated we discussed several dogs and I met Saxonsprings Cascade and fell in love with him immediately. So well put together and everything to like about him. I said at the time he was one of the best dogs Jean had produced and I still think it was a shame he was exported. Still, our loss but someone else's gain. At any rate, he became the sire of Pride's first litter from which I obtained my first Lhasa champion, Ch. Chobrang Tashi.

Later, Tashi was mated to Hackensack and along came Eng. and Ir. Ch. Chobrang Traka. She has had a super show career and is still being shown at I2 years of age. Sadly, because of the problems she had earlier in her life she has never been mated - I just could not take the risk.

Shortly after Hackensack went Best in Show at Crufts, Jean received a telephone call from the BBC to appear with him and the BIS Trophy on a breakfast time show at their studios in London. Jean travelled down from Yorkshire to stay overnight with us so that Stuart could take her to the studios the following morning. Getting the Trophy out of Jean's car and into the house, Stuart could not believe its weight. He said he would not want to carry it too far. At least we can boast that we have had the Crufts BIS Trophy in our home.

Another memorable day was when Joan Kendall came over on one of her visits. It was over the Leeds Championship Show weekend. Jean arranged an 'open house' for the day and it was a great gathering. Her kennels were open to all and she encouraged each and every one of us to go over her dogs and she was there to answer any questions. I was one of the lucky ones to go and see Fresno's first litter - they were like peas in a pod and Fresno still looking gorgeous.

After Jean moved to Suffolk there were many similar little gatherings and we often met for a pub lunch. The conversations always reverted to dogs and it was so interesting listening to Jean as one could learn so much about the various lines in the breed. Just before she died, Stuart and I visited her. We didn't stay long, but in that time Jean still talked about dogs, mostly about those that had passed on. One of the things that made her happy was that two of Hank's offsprings were still being shown - Lineka and Traka.


Irene Chamberlain.