Note from the Editor ..

Whenever I sit down to write these editor's notes, it always starts me reminiscing about the year that has just flown by. About people's successes and achievements, the good parties we had, the new people coming into the breed, the new up-and-coming puppies and about the last appearances of old favourites.

The breed is expanding and changing at a rapid pace as new breeders stamp their own mark on this lovely breed, but the past should be remembered and the origins of the breed never forgotten.

Change is inevitable, and this can be for the good, but this breed had good beginnings and that should be celebrated too. So if you have time during your busy schedule, stay a while, and give 'Thanks' to the farsighted breeders of yesteryear, for without them, you wouldn't be celebrating your current win with your thoroughly modem Lhasa Apso.